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Doodle RPS Design Ibiza by Rafa Peletey


A design is right when it becomes your product


Your logo, business cards, web pages, adverts, CD covers, posters.
We can design anything you require. 

CD Promised Land by The Collective vs Peyton, Designed by Rafa Peletey in Ibiza
Some CD graphics Designed by Rafa Peletey in Ibiza

CD Artwork

Translating the "vibe" of music into an object

Some of our works :

Lucas Jimenez. The Killer Groove
V.A. A Journey Through Savannah Volume 1
Dj Oliver. Chill Lounge in Ibiza
Omar Guzmán. Toma Mis Manos
Mora Videla. Relajación Guiada
V.A. Soundtrack For an Ancient Ibiza
The Collective vs. Peyton. Promised Land

Contact us and we'll help you bring to life your ideas.

Palau Estudi Valencia Corporative design study by Rafa Peletey

Corporative Image & Integral Design

Everything you need

Let us help you define the image and identity of your business. From your logo to your adverts, flyers, posters, business cards, etc. 

Contact us. We can help you define what's the best image for your business.

Picture of a hand drawing a camera. Rafa Peletey Photography Service

 Photography Service

Let's create your image

As part of our Integral Design policy we are offering a photography service to create the right picture for your project, the one that will support your visual strategy.

Wether you're a real world or online business, a band, an artist or a freelance professional, we can create the right image to underline your qualities.

Logo of Teledrum Designed by Rafa Peletey in Ibiza

Your Logo & Web Page

Creating a name, logo & internet presence

Do you need a Logo that will represent accurately your business and help convince your prospects? Do you require an entire website or need to unify your internet presence? 

Contact us. We'll be happy to help you develop your business.

Merchandise Store

Shop cool items featuring our designs. You'll find something for everyone
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We'll be happy to help you with any design you require