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Rafa Peletey (born on the 10th of April 1964 in Saint Cloud, Paris) is a French singer, guitarist, producer and composer.
He studied music at the Conservatoire d'Issy Les Moulineaux in Paris and at the Taller de Musicos of Madrid.
After producing different artists and being part of several bands of greatly different genres, opening for artists like Al Jarreau, Lou Reed, The Christians, and playing with Eric Burdon, he funded in 2002 the chill/electronica band Cloudfish, with Spandau Ballet's Steve Norman and singer of Bucks Fizz Shelley Preston.
Rafa Peletey have published numerous chillout/electronica/deep house works under different aliases (Bassofondo, Dotcom, La Mecanica, etc.).
In 2003, he founded the band De la Peña with the  legendary  DJ  Alfredo.
In 2010 he signs with the label Movin' Sounds and release the EP A New Life in March 2010.
Ghost in a Castle, a second EP is released in November of the same year.
A new album has been announced to be on preparation during the spring of 2017.


Published works

As Rafa Peletey

Pop-Rock/ Blues

Luna Mentirosa

BlackBird Records. Released November 1997

Track List:

Luna mentirosa
Sueñas tu
Las cosas son como son
Como un puñado de arena
Luna Mentirosa (Reprise)

A New Life - EP

Movin' Sounds March 2010
Produced by Ingmarlo

Track List:

A New Life
Until the End of the World
Never Let You Down
Hope You Don't Mind

Ghost In A Castle - EP

Movin' Sounds June 2010
Produced by Ingmarlo

Track List:

Ghost in a Castle
Once in a Lifetime
One Sign
Homeless on Dream Street

As BassoFondo


Vivo Sonhando

BlackBird Records. Released March  2003.

Track List:
Vivo Sonhando
Le Bateau Ivre
Calle De La Conquista
Emotional Landscape
Warm Après-midi
House de Mar

Composer, lyricist, arranger, producer, sound engineer. keyboards, bass, guitars & percussion. background vocals.


The voice of Rafa on other people's works



Rafa sings the song Sa Lluna Pagesa.
Produced by Joan Barbé and Omar Gisbert.

La Maison de l'Elephant Vol. 4

DJ Susso & Ingmarlo

Rafa provided the main vocals and guitars on several songs of the album and co-wrote the track Viaje a Ibiza.

Real XS

A Ibiza

Rafa provided the main vocals and guitars on several tracks of the album and co-wrote You Will Find.

In Your Eyes
Angel Cielo Featuring Rafa Peletey

Rafa provided vocals and guitars for the chill out cover of In Your Eyes from Peter Gabriel.

About Rafa Peletey

“Rafa is a consumate professional...artist/songwriter/music producer and an enormous pleasure to work with.”

“ Congratulations to your new website. You are a real gem and one of the reasons why we married in Ibiza. We are looking forward to seeing you next month.”

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